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Old player looking for a group of english speaking people

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#1 Morf



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Posted 27 October 2018 - 01:32 AM

Hi there,

I'm a very old KO player, among the people you can trust, who wouldn't scam your shit or jump from a clan to another every 2 days leaving without saying shit.

I've been playing on Ares back in old days, if you're from Ares too, i used to play during TOWN, ImmortalSouls, No name, Illuminati, Deus Manus era.
I used to play in some french clans called "La Legion" till disband, then i joined Atlantis till disband and finally i joined another clan of frenchies called "Les Dragons Pourpres". These aren't the biggest clans but these were clans i felt like i belonged to something bigger than a clan, a group of cool fellas i spent thousands of hours with and had a fuckton of fun. My character name back then was either : Morf_is_a_looser or R4MP4GE.

I'm french but i'm entirely fluent you won't struggle to understand my english.
As the title says i'm looking for a group of cool people i could spend some time farming with, i love farming DMs and mobs with high reward values.
I'm 30 years old and not really willing to play with a group of 12 years old, i'm looking for 20 or even 25+ people, sorry kids :)

That said, i'm a beast in pvp, don't think i'm an old fart who doesn't know shit about pvp, to tell you more about me i've been top feral druid in the world in pvp during old days : BC // WOTLK // CATA expansions. I've been a diamond 1 player in LoL. I know these aren't related to KO but that shows how much dedication i put into a game when i play it, so expect me to spend a fuckton of time playing KO on this server if i find a bunch of cool people.

I have a full time job and a beautiful wifuuu who understands my hunger for games so i won't be playing during working hours obviously but expect me to play about 5-7 hours after work every week day.

I'll probably start playing an archer to farm faster, but my main class is warrior.
I can also play priest pretty well but, nop i won't be priest, unless that's just to have a priest to kill bosses in eslant or some shit.

Much love, such ko....I hope i'll find a bunch of cool people.
Peace !

#2 Shaft



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Posted 06 November 2018 - 04:21 PM

Hello , 


i`m old player to from ares , diez , cypher , private server ...

i`m at the moment trying to install the game and try it .

So if its nice we can keep contact .

je parle Fran├žais aussi j`habite au Pays Bas mais je proviens de Belgique .



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