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Bazinga ROFD v1534 HOMEKO Server | LV 80, Rebirth+8 MAX | OFFICIAL 8. March 18:00 UTC

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Posted 14 October 2018 - 08:29 PM


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Bazinga KO Reign Of Fire Drake LV80 PK / Light Farm - HOME KO Style Server
[Original 15xx skill mechanic]
OFFICIAL 8. March. 2019 / 6 PM UTC, 9 PM TURKEY, 1PM PERU
You will start as level 70. It will take you roughly 25-40 minutes as a non-premium user to reach maximum level which is 80. 
The best EXP spots are in Eslant such as (Trolls,Troll Warriors...) and in Colony Zone such as (Golems,Trolls...) .
Scrolls available at special NPC
Starter Items are Uniques +0 (IN IB with 45% stats of original), High Class Weapons+8, Bazinga Support Shield and Chitins+8 -> The items will last only 6 hours (After that you have to buy middle class like MDs+8 and chitins from Shop NPC)
Special NPC is selling all Middle-High Class Weapons+8 (Like MD and Glaves) and armors+8 up to chitin, Shells are farmable from events and monsters.
Cash can be farmed via events, Dark Mares and Blood Seekers, Beast, Cardinals and Barons in CZ.
Scrolls can be purchased from Shop with low price, potions are also reduced in weight and in price. Coins flow to the market will be low but cost to PK is also close to none. So economy shold be well balanced.
Battle Priest is viable class to play on the server it has been balanced properly.
Archer combo is enabled and skill damage adjusted.
Assassin's critical point has been edited to 15xx version (no double mana or hp regen while active, only damage output). Assassins don't have minor cooldown, but minor reduced to 57 HP.
Rebirth system is active. Max upgrade is rebirth+8. There is no rebirth upgrade scrolls in Charon. Available only from events, exchanges and farm.
Light Farm aspect of the game is Shells and Exceptional Weapons farm. Aswell as attending events for unique weapons and jewelery.
Endgame content is gear crafting such as Tier 7 armors and Personal Weapons (first is available with quest, more, you can craft) through Event Token System
You will receive Bazinga Tattoo, exceptional weapons+8 & shells+8 for 6 hours alongside free scroll pack. 
Once your starter gear expires (scrolls won't expire) you can get chitins+8 & medium high class weapons+8 (MD, Glave) from a NPC in Moradon.
Jewelery Compounding:
+0 to +1 is 40 %
+1 to +2 disabled
+2 to +3 disabled
BOSS WAR: Newly added special event: Go to a war zone and fight enemy nation, bosses will spawn there every 8 - 15 minutes !
CSW FELANKOR: CSW reward is very nice aswell: Fragment of Felankor Head + KC Vouchers (25 fragments will teleport your clan to felankor cave).
WAR MINING & FISHING: Mining and fishing is available only in ENEMY teritory during invasions.
LAST NATION STANDING EVENT: Rush the zone and fight enemy's nation, bosses will be present aswell! Winning nation gets rewarded!
JURAID DUNGEON: Eslant dungeon for juraid gear farming.
BIFROST: Explore the 7 sins, and farm some nice unique equipment!
FORGOTTEN TEMPLE: Blue Chest and FT Spirits as reward, you can craft a very nice necklace and belt from materials!
CHAOS: Nice rewards for Top 5 players, Top 2 players get upgradable weapon defense box, for their class!
BORDER DEFENSE WAR: Classic 8 vs 8 massacre with Event Tokens as rewards.
COLLECTION RACE: Complete it in time, and win CR exchange ticket to top up your gear.
PK GIFT: Collect PK Tokens from each kill, and buy expirable awesome PK gear at +8!
EVENT TOKENS: Collect them from various events and exchanges and craft your end game armor (Tier 7) or buy upgradable personal items!
CHAOS STONE: 45 min respawn, chance to spawn an isiloon. This will surely spice up the bowl activity!
WINGS: Original 19xx wings, only 2 types ... offensive and defensive with different visuals. They are purchasable from Event Tokens, or via PUS.
Nothing OP in PUS, have no fear. There is regular cospree items with expiration. You can also rent unique weapons+8 and rare weapon defense armors with expiration aswell. Permanent ones are farmable from monsters at low rates. Power up store prices are very reachable, they are affordable for Turkish, English and Peruvian market easily. Payment options are: Paypal, PayGol and for Turkish players Klasgame, manual options are also WU, but have to wait for processing.


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Server Guide:

Class Balance:

Archer v1534 Fix!

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